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Seasonal Shopper Brochures contain a collection of gifts, wrap, candy, tin and assorted items.
We offer a variety of gift brochures for your fundraising needs. All brochures contain a delightful selection of products to appeal to all age groups.
For brochure sales we offer:
  • Quality products
  • Pre-packing of merchandise with computerized printouts/ reports
  • Free delivery
  • Custom designed brochures
Please call or e-mail for samples and more information about brochure sales.

A Season of Wonder
  • Gift brochure with 213 Holiday and all occasion gift products
  • Candles, candy, gift wrap accessories, food products, magazines,and stationery are among the assortment of products in the brochure.
  • 52 items that are $10.00 and under
  • Price Range: $7.50 - $26.00
79 Gift and Decor Items
44 Bag and Wrap Acessories
07 Kitchen Aids
10 Food Items
05 Plants and Bulbs
03 Magazine Vouchers
17 Jewelry